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Bada Dosth

Producer: Siddique.

Cast: Suresh Gopi, Jyothirmayi, Manikuttan, Manoj K Jayan, Siddique, Cochin Haneefa, Vijayakumar, Riaz Khan, Kiran Raj, Vinod, Karthika, Rani, Veni etc

Music: M Jayachandran

Story/Writer: Babu Pallassery

The Viji Thambi-directed Suresh Gopi-starrer Beda Dosth opens with some amount of applause but ends with quite a bit of booing.

It is a typical Suresh Gopi film that is OK till the interval, but post-interval it bores you to some extent, perhaps on account of moving on predictable lines and ending in a manner as you have seen umpteen number of times in Suresh Gopi films.

The film opens with media persons (one of them being Viji Thambi himself, given his habit of appearing in a cameo a la Alfred Hitchcock) questioning the home minister as to what his government is doing regarding the suppression of the underworld don 'Bada Dosth'.

The minister assures them that steps have been taken to bring him to books. Enter Zakir Ali Mohammed, Commissioner of Police, all set to finish the regime of Beda Dosth. But Beda Dosth is a hard nut to crack and soon Zakir Ali finds himself suspended.

But he is determined to finish off Beda Dosth and soon is brought face to face with the don. And then Beda Dosth, appreciating Zakir's intentions and integrity, begins to tell him how the upright Police Officer Dayashankar metamorphosed into Beda Dosth.

The villainous Gee Verghese, known popularly as GV, had ruined his family, but was later he was forced to join hands with the same GV.

Zakir becomes Beda Dosthe's fan and steps out of the latter's bungalow, calling his beloved Nadira, a television journalist, on his mobile phone and telling her that Beda Dosth is not what he thought he was. But the moment he switches off his phone, he is greeted by a bullet in his head.

Beda Dosth comes out running and then, of course there is someone to capture him on video gun in hand standing next to Zakir's body. What happens after that forms the climax of Beda Dosth.

Suresh Gopi plays his part as Dayashankar alias Beda Dosth in his typical style, trotting guns, mouthing loud dialogues and fighting it out with the baddies.

Siddique as the villainous GV, who occasionally utters lines from the Bible, is also well-cast. Karthika as Nadira, Jyothirmayi as Dayashankar's wife Meenu, Cochin Haneefa as Beda Dosthe's aide Javed, Manoj K. Jayan as Zakir Ali, Riyaz Khan as the Circle Inspector Niranjan Das - all have played their respective roles in their respective styles.

M. V. Sajan's editing is crisp and tight, but apart from the stylish packaging, the film is just another Suresh Gopi-starrer, which doesn't impress you in any way. The p

Scenarist Babu Pallassery, Director Viji Thambi and others could have made the film a lot peppier.

Yes Your Honour, Srinivasan

Direction: V M Vinu.

Production : P V Gangadharan.

Music : Deepak Dev.

Grihalekshmi productions is into its twenty second venture with the new film directed by V.M. Vinu titled as Yes, your honour.

As the name suggests the film tells a story on the premises of court and its affairs. This light hearted comedy is scripted by T.Damodharan, who is known for his fiery dialogues and powerful scripts.

The protagonist of the film is Advocate Ravishankar who is an idealist. He is practicing as the junior to advocate Venugopal, who is known to go any extent for money and often dump his clients for hefty sums from their counterparts.

It was with the intention of doing service to society that Ravishankar studied law and enrolled in the bar council. But it didn't took much time to realize that the judiciary has become a hotbed of corruption and that no moral values hold true in the profession which has become subservient to money and power.

But Ravishankar don’t want to go with the changing times and decides to become a crusader. He then becomes independent to take cases of poor and downtrodden who are often misled by the professionals of law.

The first case that came Ravishankar's way was that of the murder of D.F.O Sarath Shetty, which makes a considerable difference in the life of the protagonist. He has to face a lot of opposition and threats on account of this case from the power elites.

But he is not prepared to give up from his ideals and the repercussions of all this has on his profession and his family life. The film brings to front the illegal liaisons of the profession and makes a satirical look at the changing habits of the lawyer community.

Sreenivasan plays the lead role of Advocate Ravishankar in the film. Padmapriya plays the role of Maya, wife of Ravishankar and a vociferous supporter of women's rights.

The film also presents in prominent roles Saikumar, Cochin Haneefa, Thilakan, Riyas Khan, Raamu, Baabu Nambioothiri, Bindhu Panikkar and Poornima. Vayalar Sarath Chandravarma and Deepak Dev handles the music section while Shaji wields the camera.

Vaasthvam, Prithviraj


He quits school in the fifth standard and took up tailoring and eventually became an expert in the profession. Being a person who blindly believed in others, he was often the laughing stock of the people in the village as he always landed in foolishness, but he never kept a record of that and remained as he used to.

Aravindan who considered everyone before him in equal ways found that he has a special relation with Anitha, the daughter of Devayani teacher. Even though he never had the nerve to tell her about his infatuations, he continued with her as her best friend and just like a member of her family. Aravindan was in distress, whenever a marriage proposal comes for her and gets relieved only when each proposal falls out for one reason or other.

Aravindan once happens to wins a lottery, but couldn't keep the sum all for him. He would give the money away to any one who asked. Anitha, who knew of her friend's fancies, therefore took whatever was left of the money and put it in a bank in his name and kept the cheque book. The story revolves whether Aravindan can win a cheque book to his lady love or what else the fate keeps for a simpleton who is always there to help anyone.

Chakkaramuthu is a love story with a touch of Dileep’s characteristic humor. The film, which has the scripts by the director himself, will present Kavya Madhavan in the role of Anitha. Jishnu and Sharath will play two other very prominent characters in the film.

The others in the cast include Saikumar Manikandan, Kochupreman, Cochin Haneefa, Kottayam Navaz and Sreekala. The songs in these films are penned by Gireesh Puthencherry and the director himself and the music is by M.Jayacahandran.The film is produced and distributed by Seven Arts. Shooting of the film scheduled as a Ramzan release is in progress in and around Shornoor.

Cast: Dileep, Kavya Madhavan, Sai Kumar, Harisri Asokan, Cochin Haneefa, Bindu Panikkar

Pothan Vava



Music:Alex Paul

Pothen Vava tells the story of the relationship between the two, and promises to have an ample dose of action, humor and melodrama.

Mammootty plays the role of Vava, while pop diva Usha Uthup makes her first appearance in the silver screen as Advocate Mariamma.

The film largely centers on family feud and social heroics and will offer many lighter scenes ala Oru Maravathoor Kanavu and Raajamanikyam.

Advocate Kurisummoottil Mariamma is one of the most popular figures in the Puliyangudi. She is a successful senior advocate, known for her versatile rhetoric and volatile temper while in court.

She marries musician Melpathur Vishnu Namboothiri after a short span of love life. The problem between them starts with the arrival of their son, Vava.

They soon separates and Vava grow up with his mother, who believes in no religion or caste, enters the church and conducts the temple festivals at the same time and helps the commoners of the village with his might .

He is a proud and arrogant brat who looks after the family farm. He involves in every issues of the village which he solves by the violent fisticuffs. This in course of time earns him the name Pothu among the villagers.

Though he is an arrogant vanquisher before the masses, in front of his mother he is as tame as a house cat, and never does anything against her wishes.

The film produced by Lal creations is already looked upon as a sure hit as it merges every strong points of the star equations in a better script.

Gopika plays the female lead opposite Mammootty for the first time in a script by Benny.

P. Nayarambalam who had created hits like Thommanum Makkalum. The film's music department will be handled by Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma and Alex Paul.


Direction: Roshan Andrews.

Production: PV Gangadharan.

Music: Majo Joseph.

The film tells the story of few friends- Suraj, Pooja, Sree Devi, Saira, Firoz and Anna who are students of the twelfth standard.

They have been studying together from the seventh standard onwards. Young and energetic, they are full of teenage pranks and are set to celebrate their age of freedom.

They are also involved in every issue that relate to students, whether it is examinations, issues with teachers or between students, or romantic affairs.

In the passing of events Suraj and Pooja falls into infatuations for a period.

But Pooja finds a better option and dislodge Suraj from the relation as times pass by. Suraj WHO IS BADLY HURT FALLS PREY TO disappointments and depression.

The plot follows how his friends manage to pull out their friend from stages of
But very soon they realize that there are issues that cannot be sorted out by them.

The underlying message is all about teenage years which are a very sensitive period in a youth’s life, when parental guidance is absolutely necessary.

The host of new faces appearing in the film were selected from more than 5000 aspirants and put through one month of rigorous training before facing the camera.

The prestigious Lawrence School at Love Dale in Ootty forms the major backdrop for the film, shot by paying a whooping 1.5 lakh per day as rental of the locales.

The film is the biggest budgeted one with a cast comprising entirely of new comers.

The film also introduces a new Music director Majo who also plays an important role in the film.

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